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Spam at an all time high

Lap tapping on an acoustic guitar: Erik Mongrain

I've seen hundreds of people play acoustic guitar but none like this guy who is a French Canadian composer. His lap tapping technique is a very eerie mixture of percussion, dulcimer sounds, and strumming:

Video on Erik's site or Google version that does not work.

Erik's background on Wikipedia

Santa is cuming

Funny stuff from busted tees

What parts of XP work? Extreme Programming and Scientology linked! :-)

I thought this was a great article on Extreme Programming: Good Agile, Bad Agile

Nice article on tap handles

Nice article on beer tap handles.

Breweries have tried for decades to attract attention by making tap handles larger and more colorful, but the microbrewery movement has brought a proliferation of artsy and exotic ones. Some are full-fledged artwork, a small brewery's main advertising and a way to entice beer drinkers to sample a specific brand in the competitive craft market - specialty brews typically made in small regional or local breweries - which grew 11 percent in the first six months of this year.

Interesting video

Large download but cool video. Shows an ad where they use paint for a new use:

Of course I love you. Now get me a beer.

Finish your beer: There's sober kids in India

Beer: It's your friend

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